Plans for Blogifying My Social Justice Media experience

The PLAN: The plan will be to post links initially on facebook, with links to a permanent and tagged version on WordPress, with additional write-up and description. I also plan to add an organised resources page, filed by type of structural force, to help people find new and relevant resources for various conversations and research.

The big question is, where to start? I’ve been blogging and actively sharing posts about social justice causes for about 3 years solid now: that’s a lot of links, and a lot of topics! I’ve also swapped out my browser a couple of times, making my bookmarks more than a little spread-out, and definitely less accessible than they could be!

However, I said I’d start yesterday, and it’s better late than never! I’m going to start today by sharing some excellent posts from tumblr, and a couple of articles that I shared recently on Facebook, and then attempting to add these to a resources page. Should be a start!

I’m also very excited about collaborating with the National Feminist Student Society to create an interactive map of Social Justice events taking place in the UK, that is, if they give me permission to use the information shared on their page () and that is if WordPress contains a widget capable of recording and displaying events on a google-maps plug in….so quite a lot of if’s really, but exciting for me nonetheless…think of the potential! Accessible displays of justice events all in one place? We might even get more people discovering them! Big dreams.

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