The Horde

New term for the politically apolitical generic white dude who is not privileged “bro i am completely broke how can i be privileged???”

You hate being called mra. You hate being called redditors. You hate being called redpillian or manosphere or dudebro. It’s disrespectful. You’re all the same though, so you’re the horde.

You’re all various levels of racist, various levels of sexist, massive levels of ignorant. On some levels, the politically correct messages have got through to you and you can sound like a normal human being, but it’s only surface level behavioural conditioning; like training a dog not to poop on the carpet. You’re not really trained to think, and you don’t understand why you can’t just say the word (cos words are just words, right?).

You think that the SJW’s and the politically correct crowd are the thought police and are going to lock you up unless you fall to their incessant growing conflicting and confusing set of demands (sjw’s, as one of you, i say they have a point; we have got to stop treating the horde like they are video game enemies instead of human beings, it’s only helping them think like this. more on that later)

This is cos you don’t understand the motivations, so you think everyone else is motivated like you are, through fear of sounding offensive and gauche. You wish all this fear would just go away though, why they gotta be so sensitive. You’re so far off the point I think you are facing backwards maybe really. Please think about turning around someday please.

Tell me how you feel

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