The Triumphant Return of AHSJC to Teh Interwebz

Hi all, I am back. Watch this space for some poor-quality content whilst I ease myself back into writing blog posts again, because my situation since I last blogged was completely different, as I now live with my boyfriend and no longer have to travel that *enormous* 15 minute walk to his house, I should theoretically be doing more blogging. Thank goodness the internet finally caught up to me, now I can actually have no excuse for not writing! (…godammit.)

Recap and more new upcoming blog ideas as of right now (yes, the last “upcoming” still haven’t been published, they will get there eventually!):

  • Amber Heard And Jonny Depp; The (Misogynistic, Historically Relevant) World of Celebrity Break-Up And Divorce
  • Don’t Have Kids (And Then Be Mean To Them)
  • Diagnosing Myself vs Being Diagnosed; what’s the point of diagnosis, and is either system better?
  • When the Enemy is “Right”: Why that doesn’t mean you’re “Wrong” and the Persuasive Power of Nuanced Discourse
  • You will change your Mind…so does what you Think Right Now even Matter?
  • How To Actually Get That Crappy Retail Job You Need

Thanks for all the likes I got on my last update, I felt very loved. Here’s to another era of bad social justice meta-blogging!

[Photograph shows a happy relaxed golden retriever dog wearing a blue party hat with a fluffy base, facing to the camera whilst glitter confetti is seen in soft focus in the background.]

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