Short Update

Hey again.

There’s a few posts coming soon, because I have a couple of ideas, but they might take a while to come out, because I’m in work again, and still not sure on the blog direction and purpose just yet, through I did find this website which gave me some interesting ideas. I’ve also been spending a lot of time mucking about with my hair, instead of reading, or doing social justice research that makes me want to post on this blog.

I did also have an idea to start posting anonymised Facebook discussions about controversial topics and to analyse and fact them in reponse style, a bit like a broader-topic WeHuntedTheMammoth, after seeing a climate changer denier fighting about wind turbines beneath a petition for more onshore wind farms…I thought it was interesting how the discussion moved forward and I thought that might be an interesting way to go!

In the meantime, radio silence resumes, enjoy your WordPressing and thanks for reading 🙂

“Are you coming to bed?” “I can’t. This is important.” “What?” “Someone is WRONG on the internet”. -


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