Something is Better Than Nothing


I’ve been growing as a person. I got my autism diagnosis, which I barely believed would actually happen until it did. I’ve been seeing a therapist, which I barely thought would be worth it until it was. I’ve been focusing on myself, which wasn’t worth it…until it was.

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I started this blog because I felt strongly about social justice, and I felt it was being represented in an over-simplified manner online, because that is what is easier.

I think this is beginning to change, and I don’t think that’s because of me. I think other people like me saw that the narrative needed to be more complex.

I follow channels on youtube now that embrace that more complicated narrative. They explore media theory, socialogy, human psychology, to start asking the right questions and the right discussions to bring people together, instead of sowing further division.

I often doubt myself. I doubt myself more than I doubt other people. Writing often seems like a bad idea. I don’t want to add to the noise with confusion, or poorly researched arguments. I don’t have the energy or the skills to write how I would like to write.

But something is better than nothing. After this long and unannounced hiatus, I think I want to come back to the table. To tell my perspective, even if no one is really listening.

Image showing my blog views for March 2019.

It might sound shallow, but the fact that my blog got (any) views even whilst I did nothing was really encouraging to me. It shows me I must have been doing something right. People do want to have this discussion. This area of social justice, mental health, disability rights, community building, is important. It isn’t an entirely fringe discussion.


Thank you for reading this short come-back post and I hope to be back next week, this time hopefully for a longer more regular stint in 2019. Thank you.

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