Late Post This Week: Should I post on Advertising or on Giving Support?


So I’ve been busy, I’m buying my first car very soon and starting a new temp job tomorrow, so suddenly I find myself on Sunday evening with no post.

I’ve got two pretty developed ideas for a post, but as I haven’t written either yet, I thought it might be a good idea to ask anyone reading if they have a preference.

What sounds more interesting to you?

  • Advertising – the paradox of advertising, the power dynamics of brand awareness, e.gbrands appearing to cater to the consumer whilst trying to manipulate them into buying their products.


  • Giving Support – the friction between idealised recipients of services and the messy reality, the egos and paternalism of the support industry, and if this dynamic can be avoided or made more equal.

I’m also interested on any general feedback from anyone who visits my blog or has any thoughts…are my longer posts better, should I try to be shorter? Any major faux pas I’m missing? Let me know!

I’m aiming to post either of these choices on Monday evening, so watch this space!


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