Can Persistence Pay Off For You, Specifically?

It’s a short post this week, as I’ve been away for a music festival and am also starting a new job this week.

I am doing better at posting something every single week.

It’s been made a lot easier by having a job that allows me regular Monday to Friday hours, and I hope I never stop appreciating how much easier it is this way.

Working on my self-esteem has helped too. Learning from my therapist that I can choose what is important to me without looking for outside validation made writing far easier.

I’ve also started to believe and use the motto that effort and persistence get results.

From “Grit” to Confucius “It does not matter how slow you go”, it’s a common theme that habits are what build success, or at least the life you want to live.

time on hands by Just Lacey on Flickr
time on hands by Just Lacey on Flickr

To build a habit, you have to have faith that tomorrow is going to come, and that you can keep making the right decision. You have to commit yourself to the future, until it can become normality.

It takes a lot of self care to stick to the promises that we make ourselves. It means holding ourselves accountable, and not letting ourselves down.

I believe that if we can learn to care about ourselves, it becomes a lot easier and more important to keep the good promises we make to ourselves.

After all, we wouldn’t want to let a good friend down, so why should we accept letting ourselves down? That’s a long answer, unpacking abuse and negative self-beliefs we falsely hold about ourselves, but for now I think it’s enough to say learning what the problem is gives us a chance to solve it, and to commit to ourselves.

We have time, and tomorrows for as long as we are lucky.

It’s better if we can build on them towards better things, than if we let them pile up on us and tie us down to a future that we don’t want.

Thanks for reading.

Bonus:  I’ve been listening to this song “The Way I Feel” by Keane a lot recently. You can read it as having mental health themes too, if you like.


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