“The Greta Thunberg Divide” – Bonus Poem

Bonus Poem: I was reading different articles about Greta Thunberg, and the startling difference in opinion towards her, like Britain’s democracy crisis, inspired me to write this:

“The Greta Thunberg Divide”
Disillusionment and crisis.
Mocking and idolising.
The people and the parliament.
(and the People stuck in the middle.)

Confusion and clarity.
Capitalism and charity.
Catastrophe and complacency.

Crusader, child or charlatan?
Punishment or prevention?

The world is in sickness or the world is in health.
There’s going to be disaster or we’re living a disaster.
Mock her, she’s the disaster.
Mock them, they are the enemy.
Mock us, mock us all, it’s only our lives anyway.

It’s only our planet anyway.
We’re only wrong or right anyway.
We’re only kind or cruel anyway.

Amazing how Zen we can stay,
When the fault of our world rests in everyone else’s hands,
And somehow it’s always someone else’s problem,
Never ours.


Thanks for reading, and feel free to share, comment or like if you enjoyed this or if you hated this! I’ll do my best to reply.46C334B2-26C9-4449-AA28-525BE59B7A05

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