2019 Resolution Theme Review: “Aesthetic”

My resolution for 2019 was “Aesthetic“.

Lifestyle YouTuber Lavendaire uses themes like “Lead with Light” and “Explore and Experience” to shape her goals and mindset each year. Like her, instead of picking a goal, I choose a theme for each year. (See her 2019 video below).

For me, Aesthetic meant lots of self care, positive choices and nurturing myself.

Overall, despite a tough time, I think I’ve done it.

aesthetic 2019

This year I lost my job for the first time, and it was shocking, but empowering.

I carried on, and now I’m more confident I can find work in a crisis. The next job was soul-crushingly dull, and strengthened my goal to be self-employed in 2020.

I’ve done more blogging than I ever have in previous years. It doesn’t change my viewing numbers, but I’m proud of my commitment. Weekly blogging is a huge improvement from my sporadic past!

I don’t plan on giving it up: It’s good practice at discipline, and gets me out of my head.

Behaviour Gap

I kept going to therapy, even though it’s expensive, because it’s an investment in myself.

I even managed to switch therapists to work on issues I needed more help with. It’s been nearly a year since my autism diagnosis (Feb 2018) and I’m hoping this year I can conquer the fear of it, and start telling other people.

I kept doing art, and posted a bit more to Instagram. More importantly, I’ve grown in my confidence, and I’m ready to look at selling my art on a platform so it can reach more people, once I’ve made it graphically ready.

And no, I didn’t manage to regularly jog and complete “Couch to 5k”, but I did download it. Both yoga and jogging were too much of a commitment together, so instead I’ve committed more heavily to yoga. Hopefully I’ll be human play-dough by the end of the year.

I also bought my first ever subscription app; Down Dog on Android, to help me practise.tree never gave up

In 2020, I want to be more BOLD; Take risks and commit to more choices.

If it turns out badly, at least I will have tried!

  • I’m going to learn Krita, for digital art creation, and hopefully start uploading and selling on Redbubble or similar. I made the stamp in this image with Krita, and I’m excited to get better at art!
  • I’m putting more hours and boldness into starting a freelance business, so I can change my lifestyle and maybe my income. You achieve what you aim for, and this might be the most important goal I have.
  • I’m continuing to look after my self-care, because knowing my limits helps me to achieve more without burning out. I can set my sights higher by leaving out stuff I can’t do.
  • Friends. I want to connect more in 2020. It’s not always easy. I’m noise-sensitive to loud pubs or bars, and transport costs time, energy and money, but I’m planning events because they give life meaning.
  • Sustainability. This year I got a lot better at eating vegan, and reducing plastic, but there’s still a way to go. There’s a lot more vegan and eco-conscious products appearing. I hope it continues in 2020; society cannot continue to ignore the planets health.
  • Fashion. Charity shops are a great way to reduce waste, but I’ve needed basics a few times this year, and had to turn to fast-fashion. In 2020, I’m hoping to get my hands on a sewing machine, so I can use ethical fabrics for simple items.
  • More tattoos! I got one in 2018, and I’ve been scared to get another one, in case it’s not as good. But the first one felt great, so I’m going to commit to more this year and make space in my budget.
  • Investing. Money is grubby, awful, and I hate it. But like it or not, if you live within wage-based society, you’re making a choice with your money. I already switched to an ethical bank (Triodos, they are transparent and pro-peace, anti-pollution), this year I want to invest in ethical funds. I have an economics degree, and it’s time I started acting like it.

Overall I’m happy with my theme Aesthetic.

It kept me flexible enough to keep my goals in mind, and I’ve made lasting changes because of it in how I treat myself and see my life.

sunshine-wallpaper-for-desktop-sunshine-wallpaper-2560_1600I’ve spent more time on what makes me happy, and that’s a useful skill I’ll keep.

I hope in 2020 the theme BOLD works just as well for me, and makes me even better at achieving my goals and growing as a person.

Hope to see you in the new year, and best of luck with setting your new years resolutions or themes!

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