Is it Time for A Leap of Faith?

I’ve been thinking a lot about my blogging recently.

There’s some people I follow who have thousands of followers and hundreds of likes, and it makes me feel insecure as a blogger.


I’m not a jealous blogger

My better self says I’m not jealous because I know they work hard creating their content, but at my worst times I feel confused and frustrated. Comparison is the thief of joy, but their success reminds me how far there is to go.

I know I’m not writing for a huge audience here, but I want to serve this audience well. I want to make great thoughtful content that people get to see, I don’t want to get in my own way by being doubtful about my blogging.

stuffman artist tumblr two cakes better comparison audience

I want to bridge the gap so many of us feel between between not caring at all and caring way too much about the world. I want to make social justice relevant and fresh again to a whole new set of people.

Do I do my content justice?

But if I’m honest, I know I don’t optimise well. I barely know any SEO tools, and feel proud just for managing to link my account to Tumblr. I’m blown away that I managed to create a matching Facebook page, even though it’s tiny and I know I could do better.

Occasionally I get a mini-glut of views, and those happy accidents keep me going.  I write for myself, to figure things out, to learn and grow, but it’s still hugely exciting when more than ten of you see my posts.  I’ve been going for almost a solid year of weekly posts now, but without the energy and effort, I’m not improving as fast as I’d like to be.

time on hands by Just Lacey on Flickr

Time to step-up my confidence

I tried to get serious recently, I started reading about Yoast and got really excited about ticking off all my optimisation lists and getting more confident with blogging. Everyone recommends it, and I was more than ready to start!

But first you have to pay for WordPress to access plug-ins.

I wonder how many successful bloggers are the ones who invest in themselves like that. I’m constantly trying to walk a tightrope of investing my time and investing my money, when in reality it doesn’t feel like I have enough of either.

Escape the confidence trap

I ‘d love to have the confidence to reach out to other writers and other sites, to grow my network, but sometimes it can feel like a catch-22. The first step needs to be believing in yourself, but how do you do that without evidence? You have to take a leap of faith.


Thanks for reading, I hope to be taking some leaps of faith soon and making a little more writing progress.

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