An intersectional realistic social justice page, going beyond the bubble of identity politics to focus on individual activism and responsibility, specifically in areas of mental health and social welfare.
All forms of structural oppression and institutional bias are potentially relevant, with the understanding that there is no “reverse” to any of these forms though there are very real backlashes.
This can include:
-Religious Intolerance (Antisemitism, Islamophobia)
-any and all intersections of these institutions including Misogynoir and Transmisogyny

I also have “Resource” pages which are being updated as of 28th June 2018, watch this space.

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If talk about activism sounds too extreme that’s fine, but for many of us, it’s reality. If you’re not really bothered about change, this page probably isn’t for you. However, if you want to learn and are prepared to have an open mind, feel free to leave a comment, because everyone has to start somewhere and you can’t get it right all the time! I’m always happy to have a conversation about issues affecting our society, even if it is just sending a relevant link or giving a search term to you.


I am societally privileged as middle class, white, straight-passing, neurotypical passing. I have done a lot of work to recognise this, but I am still only human. I aim not to tread upon anyone’s toes, especially not those have been spoken over too many times before.

I’m happy to change things if I’ve mistepped, and I aim to think about the implications of my writing as I go, but let me know in the comments if you feel I’ve failed or not made something clear, I promise I will not be angry, but fair. We all need help to learn to be kind to each other, it is a collaborative process.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy the blog!

  *Capitalism and economics come up fairly regularly, such is the world we live in. Sorry about that.


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