Still Away

Hi! Every so often, I find another WordPress blog, and it reminds me that my page, (originally Humble social justice cleric) is still here, trucking along, and even getting some views! It makes me really happy to see that someone has spent a while here, crawling around my scattered thoughts, and found it interesting. If … Continue reading Still Away

The Left Doesn’t Need to Be More Open-Minded with the Right (pt.3)

Digging my heels in and shaming my callous opponent won't help, and feeds into the myth of the "holier than thou" leftist. You might genuinely believe you're a better person, but unlike someone who is right-wing individualistic, it won't make you happier. The ultimate goal is to agree, not to win at moral point-scoring.

Why You Don’t Fit In With People

Is it weird to be obsessed with not fitting in? The question used to take up most of my brain, especially before my autism diagnosis. I had hostile feelings towards people who seemed happy being different, and spent a lot of time analysing and resenting people who effortlessly made friends and connections. I used to … Continue reading Why You Don’t Fit In With People

BLACKOUT – Amplify protesters voices

Links to support protests + anti-racism charities: - donate evenly to 70+ bail funds for protestors - getting them out protects them, supports them, and shows they are not alone. 15 million dollars raised so far. - USA charity campaigning generally to free people from the injustice/inequity of bail + the prison system … Continue reading BLACKOUT – Amplify protesters voices