Is it Time for A Leap of Faith?


I've been thinking a lot about my blogging recently. There's some people I follow who have thousands of followers and hundreds of likes, and it makes me feel insecure as a blogger. I'm not a jealous blogger My better self says I'm not jealous because I know they work hard creating their content, but at … Continue reading Is it Time for A Leap of Faith?

You are worthy of existing (No post this week)

This weekend I had no energy, and right now I need my energy for finding work. Normally I'd write something now to make up for the gap. But sometimes you've got to accept the limits on your spoons, and make time for self care, in whatever form you need at that moment. We're worthy even … Continue reading You are worthy of existing (No post this week)

2019 Resolution Theme Review: “Aesthetic”

My resolution for 2019 was "Aesthetic". Lifestyle YouTuber Lavendaire uses themes like "Lead with Light" and "Explore and Experience" to shape her goals and mindset each year. Like her, instead of picking a goal, I choose a theme for each year. (See her 2019 video below). For me, Aesthetic meant lots of self care, … Continue reading 2019 Resolution Theme Review: “Aesthetic”

Late Post This Week: Should I post on Advertising or on Giving Support?

Hey, So I’ve been busy, I’m buying my first car very soon and starting a new temp job tomorrow, so suddenly I find myself on Sunday evening with no post. I’ve got two pretty developed ideas for a post, but as I haven’t written either yet, I thought it might be a good idea to … Continue reading Late Post This Week: Should I post on Advertising or on Giving Support?

Something is Better Than Nothing

Hi I've been growing as a person. I got my autism diagnosis, which I barely believed would actually happen until it did. I've been seeing a therapist, which I barely thought would be worth it until it was. I've been focusing on myself, which wasn't worth it...until it was. I started this blog because I … Continue reading Something is Better Than Nothing

If your ‘suicide prevention’ isn’t talking about the mental health system, you’re missing the point.

If you care about mental health and suicide prevention; read this right now.
“It’s as though we’ve seen someone having a heart attack, but we start asking what they had for dinner the night before, or kicking ourselves for not offering them aspirin that morning.”

Let's Queer Things Up!

As both a suicide attempt and loss survivor, I need to climb up onto my soapbox for a minute.

Suicide attempts, from a “preventative” standpoint, are rarely, if ever, as easily prevented as calling a hotline or a loved one. “Reaching out” — while incredibly important — is not the be-all-end-all of preventative strategies.

Especially considering the fact that many of us have a history of asking for help, and not getting the care that we needed.

I understand the impulse to ask, “Didn’t they know they could call me?” I asked myself that many times when I lost one of my best friends earlier this year. But this shows a very big misunderstanding of the emotional experience that many suicide attempt survivors have described.

Speaking from my own experience, when you are in a very acute amount of emotional distress, your thought process is not as linear…

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