Does Belief have Limits? (feat. a poem)

This week I wanted to write about the fine line between finding yourself, and escaping from yourself. It's hard to put into words, so I hope this poem makes sense. Pains ( A Glittering Gown) Are you depressed or are you deep? Inspired or insane? Going through a bad time or growing through a bad … Continue reading Does Belief have Limits? (feat. a poem)


When Self-Care Feels Futile, Remember This

Trusting myself enough to build habits and build a life and care for myself isn’t easy or simple. It takes resolve and power that you might feel you never had. You might feel you never earned the right to decide that you matter and deserve to exist. That's an impossible argument; there’s no objective way … Continue reading When Self-Care Feels Futile, Remember This

How To Like Yourself Even When The World Says No

Being true to yourself is a common theme of self help. The advice is generally that being your authentic self will ultimately not be penalised, and that by letting go of hiding your anxieties, you will become more confident and relaxed. Self-help as a genre is divisive. People either lap it up, or view it … Continue reading How To Like Yourself Even When The World Says No

Justice Jargon Still Matters

This is part 2. For part 1, click here: Justice Jargon: You need to stop speaking it. Note: I am not the best person to talk about sexist language. If you want a thorough in depth well researched blog about feminism and language, I recommend language: a feminist guide by Debbie Cameron, on WordPress who is a … Continue reading Justice Jargon Still Matters

“Crazy”, but not crazy enough.

Confession. I often believe I'm "crazy". Whether that is mentally ill, neurodivergent, or just plain old bigoted insecure paranoid self-conscious crazy, it happens relatively often that it's become part of my identity. It's lonely. It's difficult to describe without feeling over-dramatic; it's dramatic but it's also utterly mundane. It's probably got just one name and … Continue reading “Crazy”, but not crazy enough.

My Life As A Potential Label Stealer (Autism)

So I've written previously about how I use labels that I don't necessarily feel fit me because I find them helpful nonetheless. I didn't get round to talking about autism and me. My most controversial self-label flirtation is the one with autism*. It's the one I've had the most pushback on, in the form of … Continue reading My Life As A Potential Label Stealer (Autism)

Social Model of Disability: Autism

Amazing report on autism in the workplace by Janine Booth for the Trade Union Congress. Could not recommend reading this more, it presents an in depth view of how the social model of disability interacts with the workplace for autistic individuals: Scope, the disability charity, covers the social model of disability in more breadth … Continue reading Social Model of Disability: Autism

Deafness, Lyrics and Music Videos

View on Tumblr Amazingly educational post by tumblr user andreashettle; about how deafness covers more than people with zero hearing, and how music can be made more inclusive with the addition of lyrics. It's actually ridiculous how misrepresented disability is in mainstream media and education, resulting in many people not understanding how blurred the spectrum … Continue reading Deafness, Lyrics and Music Videos