Underestimating Katy Perry

Katy Perry is problematic, right? From "I Kissed a Girl" to "Ur so Gay" on her debut album "One of the Boys", to openly disowning feminism in 2012 and misunderstanding it in 2014, I thought it was obvious. Her latest video, "Never Worn White", complete with baby announcement, felt like the final nail in the … Continue reading Underestimating Katy Perry

Are We Addicted To (The Idea Of) Love?

https://youtu.be/oQyFFTh_YGc Our culture valorises romantic love. Ask any asexual/aromantic person, it's impossible to escape from. Love as an ideal has changed over time, from dependable economic married love, to escapist adulterous passionate love, to the current version of individualistic romantic love. Love as a concept is constantly changing. Thanks to the internet, there's a growing awareness … Continue reading Are We Addicted To (The Idea Of) Love?

When Self-Care Feels Futile, Remember This

Trusting myself enough to build habits and build a life and care for myself isn’t easy or simple. It takes resolve and power that you might feel you never had. You might feel you never earned the right to decide that you matter and deserve to exist. That's an impossible argument; there’s no objective way … Continue reading When Self-Care Feels Futile, Remember This

Justice Jargon Still Matters

This is part 2. For part 1, click here: Justice Jargon: You need to stop speaking it. Note: I am not the best person to talk about sexist language. If you want a thorough in depth well researched blog about feminism and language, I recommend language: a feminist guide by Debbie Cameron, on WordPress who is a … Continue reading Justice Jargon Still Matters

Justice Jargon: You need to stop speaking it.

Diversity terminology can be seen as a real rabbit hole, but is that a fair assessment? Is this complexity really necessary? This is not a test, just a visual. I don’t know all these flags or words. From: https://www.theodysseyonline.com/9-queer-pride-flags-that-you-probably-didnt-know-about Let me use something the concept of the “squish” to demonstrate the layers at work here. First, … Continue reading Justice Jargon: You need to stop speaking it.

This Debate is EMBARRASSING: Jordan vs Cathy

As of 12 February over 6.8 million people have watched a "debate" about gender politics between clinical psychologist (and YouTuber) Jordan B Peterson, and Cathy Newman, a Channel 4 news presenter. Jordan is a clinical psychologist in Canada who 4 years ago started putting his lectures on YouTube, whereas Channel 4 News is a mainstream … Continue reading This Debate is EMBARRASSING: Jordan vs Cathy

Born Sexy Yesterday: Gender Flip Reaction

Born Sexy Yesterday is a trope building on the born yesterday naïve character, normally found in sci-fi and almost inevitably the main character’s love interest. Here’s the video if you haven’t seen it, which excellently presents and explores this concept: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0thpEyEwi80 One of the issues raised in the video is that this trope is rarely … Continue reading Born Sexy Yesterday: Gender Flip Reaction

Take the Red Pill: The Truth Behind the Biology of Sex

Fantastic guide to the construct of “biological sex” from Disrupting Dinner Parties.

Chromosomes do not tell the whole story!

Edit: This reblog was removed or hidden, so I have now added a link instead.

Disrupting Dinner Parties

Morpheus offers the pills in the MatrixThis is the first part of a series about the complex biological realities of sex. Though the posts build on one another, each can be understood alone.

Content note: this post contains images and language that may not be safe for work.

1. Introduction

I first learned about the social construction of sex from a lovely trans woman named Kiki.

She said, “You may have heard before that gender is socially constructed, while sex is biological. But I’m here to tell you that what you’ve heard isn’t true. Sex is socially constructed too. So are you ready for the truth? Are you going to take the red pill or the blue pill?”

Three years later, I was diagnosed by my gynecologist with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), which means that my body produces hormones intermediate between “typical men” and “typical women.” What I learned from Kiki gave me context in which to understand…

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