Resources by Source

This is my page for resources of other sites and people that I recommend. As of the first update, several immediately spring to mind (all will use trigger warnings unless otherwise stated):

  • -A communist feminist sex worker who is my personal idol.
  • -One of the biggest feminist pages on tumblr, takes no bullshit, and is honestly just one of the best for cutting through patriarchy without being erasive of other intersections of society.
  • -My personal vice. Follows activity in the Manosphere, and counters this idiocy with cutting yet lighthearted realism and wit, also cats. Good for marvelling at the contrast of bigots* vs. our reality, reminding you why we bother. (*in ALL flavours)
  • -Might be dead. A mockery of women’s magazine culture, this is funny and real, but has a variety of writers. Easy to read, but varying levels of feminist and intersectionality. Inconsistent triggers.

As you can probably see, and I’m acutely aware of, this is not a very diverse list.  It’s also not a very long list.

I know this, and I’m going to expand it, and there’s probably a problem in that these are the first resources that I think of. Nonetheless, all are inclusive of the wider social activism issues, and I highly recommend checking them out.

Update 28/08/2015

  • -An amazing blog by self-professed “low functioning” autistic lady, who is testament to the meaninglessness of this arbitrary label.
  • -Very useful blog for self-identifying autistics and those wishing to learn more about the reality of living with a highly misunderstood and diverse neurotype.
  • – A fantastic blog by an autistic woman who’s on a mission to raise awareness of autism in women, which is currently criminally under-diagnosed.

This list, when long enough, will be ordered into some semblance of categories. Until then, enjoy a rambling and messy list.

Update 6/10/2015

  • -A political blog by a Yorkshire man who’s garnered an astonishing following of people just by writing informative, clear and self-aware political posts, covering economics, democracy, socialism and workers rights. A must-read for starting to understand political issues, tbh.
  • -A fantastic, intersectionally-aware feminist white cis gay man who does excellent media analysis in short, nuanced and entertaining videos, with utterly charming delivery. Especially his video on the male gaze (Needs More Gaze) and on depictions of trans women in media.
  • -A satirical site parodying women’s magazines. Imperfect, but incredibly sassy, if you’re feeling in the mood for something actually relatable and entertaining, instead of something that will sap your self esteem. You might even learn something about yourself as you read the endless parodies of well-meaning but privilege-ignorant people.
  • -A site that accompanies an utterly fantastic book about the changing attitudes towards food in todays western society, and how classism permeates our moralism about food, dieting, and body image. The book is utterly perfect and potentially life changing, if you have not previously considered HAES or the concept of classism.
  • -This is the page that started my personal understanding of body policing, classism, and health-trolling. A directory full of stories of people being dismissed, ignored and underestimated because of the bodies they live in, it’s hard to read and still believe the moral high ground lies in shaming people for such a shallow and trivial aspect of their lives.
  • -An extraordinary talented and educated individual who documents the existance and contributions of people of colour throughout medieval European history, in a delicious “up yours” to proponents of a white-washed European history in the name of questionable ideas about “historical accuracy”.