How To Like Yourself Even When The World Says No

Being true to yourself is a common theme of self help. The advice is generally that being your authentic self will ultimately not be penalised, and that by letting go of hiding your anxieties, you will become more confident and relaxed. Self-help as a genre is divisive. People either lap it up, or view it … Continue reading How To Like Yourself Even When The World Says No


Something is Better Than Nothing

Hi I've been growing as a person. I got my autism diagnosis, which I barely believed would actually happen until it did. I've been seeing a therapist, which I barely thought would be worth it until it was. I've been focusing on myself, which wasn't worth it...until it was. I started this blog because I … Continue reading Something is Better Than Nothing

Have No Internet, Cannot Be Interesting About It, Have Nothing Of Value To Say

I've moved house, and have now had no wifi for three weeks. I'd like to be interesting, and write an insightful passage about how being unable to plug into tumblr and facebook constantly has enriched my life and helped me start reading again, but I only have two hours free wifi at this coffee shop, … Continue reading Have No Internet, Cannot Be Interesting About It, Have Nothing Of Value To Say

My Life As A Potential Label Stealer (Autism)

So I've written previously about how I use labels that I don't necessarily feel fit me because I find them helpful nonetheless. I didn't get round to talking about autism and me. My most controversial self-label flirtation is the one with autism*. It's the one I've had the most pushback on, in the form of … Continue reading My Life As A Potential Label Stealer (Autism)

Facebook Bogs And Uncomfortable Conversations

People are simple social creatures. We like to communicate with eachother, and we're not very good at understanding nuance; we often have to simplify stuff just to fit it all into our heads. However, this does mean that we're pretty inaccurate a lot of the time, as anyone who's spent any time in Social justice … Continue reading Facebook Bogs And Uncomfortable Conversations

Social Model of Disability: Autism

Amazing report on autism in the workplace by Janine Booth for the Trade Union Congress. Could not recommend reading this more, it presents an in depth view of how the social model of disability interacts with the workplace for autistic individuals: Scope, the disability charity, covers the social model of disability in more breadth … Continue reading Social Model of Disability: Autism

Female Autism

Actually amazing resource on female autism... It's considerably underdiagnosed in AFAB people (note: the data lacks a distinction between sex and gender), so this is a really interesting and educational read. The stigma around autism is, like most stigma's, incredibly pointless. Life is a spectrum and we all have traits, and autism is just … Continue reading Female Autism