Ever been called an SJW? Read this.


I don’t feel like I pick battles anymore. Am I even a SJW anymore? As time goes on, my life becomes more full and less rhetorical.  I’m as committed to my values as ever - freedom, equality, diversity. I argue less. I “know” less answers, but hold the answers I do have more strongly. I ruminate … Continue reading Ever been called an SJW? Read this.

Something is Better Than Nothing

Hi I've been growing as a person. I got my autism diagnosis, which I barely believed would actually happen until it did. I've been seeing a therapist, which I barely thought would be worth it until it was. I've been focusing on myself, which wasn't worth it...until it was. I started this blog because I … Continue reading Something is Better Than Nothing

You’re a Hypocrite! What about MY free speech!

What's going on in the Hypocrisy/FreezePeach Argument? If you've ever tried to have a meaningful conversation with a casual bigot on the internet ever you've had this conversation: Them: *bigoted casually harmful thing* Just my opinion though! You: That opinion is trash and perpetuates stereotypes and harmful thinking towards a group of people. Them: Excuse … Continue reading You’re a Hypocrite! What about MY free speech!