Does Belief have Limits? (feat. a poem)

This week I wanted to write about the fine line between finding yourself, and escaping from yourself. It's hard to put into words, so I hope this poem makes sense. Pains ( A Glittering Gown) Are you depressed or are you deep? Inspired or insane? Going through a bad time or growing through a bad … Continue reading Does Belief have Limits? (feat. a poem)

Thinking Your Way Into Feelings; And Out of Confusion

Today I wanted to write about what I do when I get overwhelmed with emotions that feel completely disproportionate; essentially exploring my coping mechanisms for understanding and learning from strong emotions bought about by strangers and other people. Most information I initially found talked about getting therapy or about simply calming yourself down, deep breathing etc. … Continue reading Thinking Your Way Into Feelings; And Out of Confusion

On “Stealing” labels

Labels are bad, labels are useful, labels are divisive, labels are fair. There's a lot of fuss around labels, around who can use them, around whether people should use them at all, around whether they are helpful. A lot of this centres around a belief that labels are something that should be accurate to some … Continue reading On “Stealing” labels