We can Do More Than Punching Nazis

Aren't we all just individuals, trying their best, trying not to hurt anyone but accepting some violence as necessary? Doesn't that fit both the left and the right? The biggest lie politicians and the internet tells us is that any of the issues are simple. In the UK right now, Brexit is a daily example … Continue reading We can Do More Than Punching Nazis

Justice Jargon Still Matters

This is part 2. For part 1, click here: Justice Jargon: You need to stop speaking it. Note: I am not the best person to talk about sexist language. If you want a thorough in depth well researched blog about feminism and language, I recommend language: a feminist guide by Debbie Cameron, on WordPress who is a … Continue reading Justice Jargon Still Matters

The Dangers of Label Stealing

This is a very quick post about the dangers of label stealing, because I've written a fair bit about how great/uncomfortable it is but not very much about why it's uncomfortable and why sometimes you've gotta hold it back to just yourself and your own internal life. 1.Diluting the Label Labels are precious. They mark … Continue reading The Dangers of Label Stealing

On “Stealing” labels

Labels are bad, labels are useful, labels are divisive, labels are fair. There's a lot of fuss around labels, around who can use them, around whether people should use them at all, around whether they are helpful. A lot of this centres around a belief that labels are something that should be accurate to some … Continue reading On “Stealing” labels