What You Can’t Do – “The Modern Worker Enjoying His Liberty”

Every week I try to write a post. Try to prove to myself that I'm a writer, a thinker, an activist. Some weeks it is easier than others. Last week, writing poured from me. Not writing anything would have been harder! Other weeks, it's like blood from a tired stone. Being a consumer and a … Continue reading What You Can’t Do – “The Modern Worker Enjoying His Liberty”

Justice Jargon Still Matters

This is part 2. For part 1, click here: Justice Jargon: You need to stop speaking it. Note: I am not the best person to talk about sexist language. If you want a thorough in depth well researched blog about feminism and language, I recommend language: a feminist guide by Debbie Cameron, on WordPress who is a … Continue reading Justice Jargon Still Matters

On “Stealing” labels

Labels are bad, labels are useful, labels are divisive, labels are fair. There's a lot of fuss around labels, around who can use them, around whether people should use them at all, around whether they are helpful. A lot of this centres around a belief that labels are something that should be accurate to some … Continue reading On “Stealing” labels