2019 Resolution Theme Review: “Aesthetic”

My resolution for 2019 was "Aesthetic". Lifestyle YouTuber Lavendaire uses themes like "Lead with Light" and "Explore and Experience" to shape her goals and mindset each year. Like her, instead of picking a goal, I choose a theme for each year. (See her 2019 video below). https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=84&v=0Py6sFG_w68&feature=emb_title For me, Aesthetic meant lots of self care, … Continue reading 2019 Resolution Theme Review: “Aesthetic”

Can Persistence Pay Off For You, Specifically?

time on hands by Just Lacey on Flickr

It's a short post this week, as I've been away for a music festival and am also starting a new job this week. I am doing better at posting something every single week. It's been made a lot easier by having a job that allows me regular Monday to Friday hours, and I hope I … Continue reading Can Persistence Pay Off For You, Specifically?