5 Reasons The Media Should Be On Blast for Churchill Advert “News”

Adverts making the news is weird. It's backwards, yet somehow we're still interested enough to read about it and have an opinion about it. So what's the deal with the New Churchill? Are the ad bosses "snowflakes"? Has the world gone mad? And why is an advert headline news? 1. The advert is headline news because … Continue reading 5 Reasons The Media Should Be On Blast for Churchill Advert “News”

Ever been called an SJW? Read this.


I don’t feel like I pick battles anymore. Am I even a SJW anymore? As time goes on, my life becomes more full and less rhetorical.  I’m as committed to my values as ever - freedom, equality, diversity. I argue less. I “know” less answers, but hold the answers I do have more strongly. I ruminate … Continue reading Ever been called an SJW? Read this.

Who’s In Control of Your Ad-Break?

Something I’ve been noticing a lot recently is the absurdity of the ad break in TV. More specifically, the contrast in “entertainment”. I go abruptly from watching something I have enjoy, to watching a series of seconds-long clips selling everything under the sun. Both will try to grab my attention and entertain me, but only … Continue reading Who’s In Control of Your Ad-Break?

Can We Make Them Understand?


Please read Part 1 first! How to escape the catch 22 of the internet filter bubble keeps me from posting, a lot more than is cool to admit. There's so many flawed arguments, overly-dismissed concepts, and miserable pedants out there to correct; so is creating more noise really the answer? Evidence shows that evidence doesn't … Continue reading Can We Make Them Understand?

You Won’t Do Your Research

You're not going to believe what I'm about to tell you

Initially, I started this blog because I wanted to start a discussion, or create a resource. I was sick of the insular Tumblr politics, and sick of the prevailing dismissive attitude found everywhere else on basic concepts like body positivity, racism, and capitalism. Every day I find a new pet peeve that I wish people … Continue reading You Won’t Do Your Research

Post- and pre- Voting blues: It’s not pointless

It's the day before the UK elections and you seriously cannot get away from it anymore.  Everyone and everywhere is now a hotbed of political discussion, households everywhere have solved the refugee crisis and produced cutting edge political arguments over and over, but it all culminates in tomorrow's vote. 1 vote, and then you go … Continue reading Post- and pre- Voting blues: It’s not pointless