BLACKOUT – Amplify protesters voices

Links to support protests + anti-racism charities: - donate evenly to 70+ bail funds for protestors - getting them out protects them, supports them, and shows they are not alone. 15 million dollars raised so far. - USA charity campaigning generally to free people from the injustice/inequity of bail + the prison system … Continue reading BLACKOUT – Amplify protesters voices

5 Activism Hot-Takes Inspired by Extinction Rebellion

Extinction Rebellion now needs no introduction, thank goodness. The climate crisis political activism group is making an impact across the globe, including in London, where activists at the time of writing are currently blocking the streets in an act of mass civil disobedience. Inspired by their activism, these are my 5 biggest environmental factors to … Continue reading 5 Activism Hot-Takes Inspired by Extinction Rebellion