TEDWomen Shout-Out! (Plus some collaborative resourcing!)

In one of my first collaborative posts, my friend has posted one of her favourite TEDWomen talks.
(View on Facebook)

Here is a link to the TEDWomen talks, as they relate to this page (though they are likely more I missed, but I had to narrow down content somehow).
There are some amazing ones, it’s well worth watching them! (Sheryl Sandberg and Maysoon Zayid are a couple of my favourites).

I also wanted to link one of the videos on here to entice people in, so here is another of my favourites:

(Cue me rushing to find a way to embed youtube videos properly into blog posts!)

Inter-feminism discourse (as I call it) doesn’t really get talked about much, it’s the meta of social activism. But it’s also really important to be aware that how we interact with each other, can say a lot about how effective we can be together. Bigger post from me coming on that one day, but for now, watch Roxane’s video, and I’ll set up a proper link in my resources page to the TED Talks site, an organisation that produces both fantastic and seriously suspicious content, but when it’s right it’s almost too much to bear.

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