No break from self-care, and (almost) no post this week

I wanted to post this week about how self care is an ongoing challenge, that you can only take day by day, and you can’t take for granted.

I set my goal to post weekly because it’s important to me, but the most important thing is my wellbeing. Even if this blog got big, I need to be my priority.

Basic needs are a priority, and you still have limits, and make mistakes,  even when it doesn’t look good and it’s not on brand.

I’m trying to start an online art project right now. It’s emotionally draining, because I grew up with “art isn’t a real job”, and my inner artist is nervous and underexcercised. It’s mentally draining, because it’s a new project with new skills I don’t have yet. And it’s physically draining, cos most days I’m already tired just from being alive and caring for myself.

So this week’s a tiny post, as a compromise to myself and an exercise of my priorities. Commit to yourself, within the limits you need to stay safe and upright.

Have you compromised to keep a promise to yourself this week? Tell me about it in the comments, cos I’d love to know!

Thanks, and we are not alone.

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