We can Do More Than Punching Nazis

Aren’t we all just individuals, trying their best, trying not to hurt anyone but accepting some violence as necessary? Doesn’t that fit both the left and the right?

The biggest lie politicians and the internet tells us is that any of the issues are simple.

In the UK right now, Brexit is a daily example of how everyone lies to get our eyeballs.

Phrases that are opinions at best, full-on lies at worse, are plastered across our front pages daily.

The truth is fiddly. All the conflicting facts can’t possibly be true, and wildly different opinions appear to come from people on different planets.

We all believe in a clear picture. We love to believe we have the right answer. Who can blame politicians for trying their best to capture our imaginations, our fervent need to be right and to be believed?

We claim to want honesty. Honesty that conveniently side-steps nuance, that clearly defines the good vs evil. Honesty that doesn’t consider the other side, that knows its values and comes to a conclusion of Truth.

Our Truths consistently fail us. For everyone who supports our hero, there’s another claiming our fav is problematic. For everyone punching a neo-Nazi, there’s Nazi’s using this as proof that antifa are the bad guys.Richard Spencer got punched in the face - Imgur(1).gif

When civilians argue like this with themselves, who wins? The newspapers? The society?

In the face of reality, right and wrong are weakened concepts. The “clear picture” is the lie.  No matter how noble, radical and correct your favourite candidate is, the winner is someone who can lie and charm their way into government. Whichever way you vote, when you lose it will be because the other side were biased.

There’s an assumption being measured is a left-wing intellectualism and a privilege, which is a fantastically irritating oxymoron, locking-out true diversity of opinion. Alternatively, exclusionary and right-wing movements like to argue that their ideas should be calmly debated, in order to claim victory by default when opponents refuse.

The internet has only made this clash more obvious. If you need to be right, there’s always somewhere for you to go, right now, this second, on this illustrious web of computer networks and distant buzzing server rooms.

A realistic goal, or deluded?

There have been a few movements to encouraged more civilised, educated discussion, and less polarization, like Dare to Be Grey and Kialo; but these are still niche corners of the internet.

We can escape into our bubbles further and further if we want to. It’s safety in numbers, basic politics, that like-minded people come together instead of moving apart.

Our experiences make us.

It’s time to accept that in a new and more ambitious way.

I don’t believe anyone is motivated to hurt other people; we’re motivated to protect ourselves. In a tense environment, the number of people we consider “ourselves” starts to shrink, and this needs to be resisted.

Instead of attacking and defining ourselves by our views, how about we attack problems and fix feelings? If we start looking for solutions, instead of winning arguments, we can all start winning by acting together.

When people feel alienated, they can’t give out community. You can’t spread love that you don’t have. You can become a victim or a warrior, against other people.

It’s time to give up on being right and give up on being wrong. No one should be silenced, no one should be listened to in silent awe. No one immune from criticism, no one drowned in it.


This isn’t an argument to not punch Nazi’s. The desire to punch Nazi’s comes from a real and valid place of literal life-preservation. This is an argument to do far more than punching Nazi’s, far earlier.

Ideally, I want to be box-less. I want to be seen as an individual, who is good and trying their best. I’m scared to be mistaken for right wing, but I’m equally scared to be seen as a “centrist”, or as a toothless left-winger.

Aren’t we all just individuals, trying their best, trying not to hurt anyone but accepting that violence might sometimes be necessary? Doesn’t that fit both the left and the right?

I wasn’t sure where to go with this so if you’ve read all the way to the end then thank you for this, please give me a like, or a comment, or subscribe to me to show your support as it’s much appreciated. This blog is a labour of love, and I don’t get monetary gains from staying here, being heard is my best (and only) reward!

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Post Inspiration: https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2013/11/why-we-fightand-can-we-stop/309525/

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