The Left Doesn’t Need to Be More Open-Minded with the Right (pt.3)

Digging my heels in and shaming my callous opponent won't help, and feeds into the myth of the "holier than thou" leftist. You might genuinely believe you're a better person, but unlike someone who is right-wing individualistic, it won't make you happier. The ultimate goal is to agree, not to win at moral point-scoring.

This Crisis Is Part of All of Us

This recent health crisis the world is facing feels surreal and inevitable at the same time. We're a closely connected species with masses of technology, but ultimately we're still fragile and biological machines. I've written before that whilst numbers are infinite, humans are not, and that's the limit of our financial economy. We know the … Continue reading This Crisis Is Part of All of Us

Why It’s Okay To Tune Out Bad News (plus Name Change)

Happy Friday to you! I've updated my page, and I hope it looks prettier. More aesthetic. More calming. I've been feeling increasingly panicked this week. Most of the time, I get anxious then get over it, but this week, it's felt like the whole world was going into catastrophising meltdown. It's meant to just be … Continue reading Why It’s Okay To Tune Out Bad News (plus Name Change)

Underestimating Katy Perry

Katy Perry is problematic, right? From "I Kissed a Girl" to "Ur so Gay" on her debut album "One of the Boys", to openly disowning feminism in 2012 and misunderstanding it in 2014, I thought it was obvious. Her latest video, "Never Worn White", complete with baby announcement, felt like the final nail in the … Continue reading Underestimating Katy Perry

Why Capitalism Will Make You Lonely

Lately, I'm reading a book about the language and importance of friendships, by Deborah Tannen, a linguistics professor. As she writes in her book, "everything else is just stuff". Despite this, sometimes it seems impossible to balance with work and everything else, especially if (like me) you have solitary hobbies and faraway friends. It's almost … Continue reading Why Capitalism Will Make You Lonely